Some Other

Instead of it to be them, let it be me. Since I will die inevitably then let it be, let it be said when I am dead. Some other was free, some other was fed. Some other not me was able to see that as long as we live in a country where no one […]


The Mercedes was a beautiful machine, Isma walked round checking it out. The AMG GT they call it, a testament to German efficiency. The white paint glistened in the sun, the red upholstery complimenting it. Isma turned to see a man walking towards him. He then knew that that was the owner, for he could […]

A few weeks ago we woke up to find the police all around us. Turns out they found a body just a few blocks from our house. A young girl brutally murdered. The kids then stopped playing without the sun. Just when the community was beginning to get over it all, another body was found. […]

Slaves we all are

We strive for technology, that which makes our lives easier but not in anyway better. We are all slaves of the system and the nails that aren’t in order are hammered so. Zombies we all are as in a song by Fela Kuti. They tell us the new iPhone is out and you want one; […]

Automatic Writing.

It feels like all I write about is doom and gloom, because of that I will not write about the home invasion. I will not write about the car crash. I will not write about the girl that attempted suicide; at least not now. so where do I start? what has the lat month been […]